Where were you on July 6th, 2005, when European Parliament rejected the Software Patents Directive ? Please share your souvenirs with us here !


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Extract from the European Parliament's press service :

No directive on software patents

"There will not be any EU legislation on the computer-implemented invention. On Wednesday, the European Parliament rejected, by 648 votes to 14 with 18 abstentions, the so-called software patent directive, putting an end to a passionate three year debate.

Before the vote, rapporteur Michel ROCARD (PES, FR) said Parliament was split fifty-fifty on the issue and all political groups decided to reject the text rather than risk a result they could not accept. He added: "There is collective anger throughout the Parliament because of the way the directive was handled by the Commission and the Council," recalling the contested approval of the common position. He said the vote is a clear invitation to the Commission and the Council to show full respect to the EP in future. He concluded that 'this legislation is not mature for adoption.'"

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