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Three years have passed, but the forces in presence are still at work, and there is still much resistance from companies entangled in their past to struggle and perpetuate business models that cannot be sustainable in the era of access.
Three years ago we were drafting amendments, voting lists, meeting with MEPs, so that we could preserve the ecosystem that will nurture the future of mankind, the network era.
Today, several of us are still performing the very same tasks before next week's fight at the European Parliament, as amendments have been spread across the "telecom package" directive so as to allow user monitoring and traffic filtering. That's good for dictatorships, not for the Europe I wish.
We live in an ecosystem where powers confront to reshape the frontier between private interests and the public interest.
I go on, with friends and pals, "veterans" of the 765 joined by "rookies" who will in turn be leaders. This is good.
Erik's right; I'm gonna get myself a glass of Champagne too. Windows are open and a breeze refreshes the room.
Apart from the sparks of bubbles on my lips, I need a warm kiss. Both go pretty well together. I'm gonna get that too…

Happy birthday by Anonymous (90.60.203.x), 06 Jul 2008 20:00

Rocard's assistant Constance would be happy to forward our best wishes for fast recovery. In suggest we send it on Friday.

Greetings to Rocard by Erik JosefssonErik Josefsson, 04 Jul 2007 10:13
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